Muslims For Life Blood Drive Honors 9/11 Victims in Rochester NY

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Source / Courtesy: YNN

As the 10th anniversary of the attacks on September 11th nears, people across the world are preparing to remember.  As part of a nationwide effort, Rochester’s Muslim community honored victims of the tragedy by hosting a blood drive.

“In the Koran it says if you save one life, it’s like you save all of mankind,” said Mubarak Bashir, secretary of Faith Outreach.

The Amadiyya Muslim Community of Rochester held the Muslims for Life Drive.

“It is important because everyone has been asking where is the voice of Islam, so we are going to be more than the voice,” said Bashir.

The Islamic followers say they remember the attacks on 9/11 vividly and how perceptions of their religion changed.

“Just after 9/11, our religion was associated with terrorism. Islam, by definition, means peace and submission. So an Islamic terrorist is really an oxymoron,” said Bashir.

“They tried to grab this banner of terrorism and try to taint the beautiful picture of Islam.  We are trying to grab this back and are doing this successfully,” said Rafiq Ahmad, general secretary.

Through the blood drive, their efforts nationwide are to collect more than 10,000 units of blood, which will help save 30,000 lives.

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