Actions speak louder than the words: "Islam Means Peace. It Has Nothing To Do With Terror"

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Source / Courtesy: Rochester Homepage

On Saturday, the Ahmadiyya Muslim community set up a blood donation event. There they had the chance to explain the true meaning of Islam.

Long time member, Rafiq Ahmad knows first hand how hurtful stereotypes can be. “Unfortunately, we have been pushed through elevators we have been called many names and things like that, but we never mind it.  We know that they are ignorant people”, says Ahmad.

He and other Muslims in Rochester regularly run into people who blame September 11thon them. Mubarak Bashir says, that stigma is just not true, “We just want people to know that Islam literally means peace. There’s no such thing as an Islamic terrorist. If a person claims to be Muslim and they are committing acts of terror, they are Muslim by name but not deed.”

To combat that stereotype and remember the lives lost, the Muslim Community of Rochester held a blood drive. Bashir explains, “What better way to collect 10,000 units of blood and ultimately save  30,000 lives?”

Dozens of donors gave blood and could tour the center to learn more about Islam and the Muslim way of life.

New member, Dr. Robert Oliver just joined the Islamic Community a few months ago. He has made it his mission to spread the truth. Oliver says, “Unfortunately, I think 9/11 has created a negative image of Islam and this is an opportunity for us to put a positive spin on things for a change.

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