Madagascar: An Exhibit for Islam rather than Christianity!


Written and collected by Zia H Shah MD, Chief Editor of the Muslim Times

Almost 80% of species in Madagascar are unique to the island and are not found else where.  As a result this largest island is a witness for evolution, which for our purposes means, a common lineage of all life forms on our planet earth.  The uniqueness of Madagascar species is a proof for the theory of evolution, rather than of the theory of separate creation of individual species.

Theory of evolution means that Adam and Eve were not the first humans and this inference blows away the dogma of Original Sin, a hallmark of Christianity.  In this sense Madagascar becomes an Exhibit and a key Witness for Islam against Christianity!  As you enjoy the scenic beauty of Madagascar in an hour long documentary, through the eyes of legendary Sir David Attenborough, it becomes a 587,041 square kilometers Exhibit for the truth of Islam against the dogma of Original Sin, which is linked to atonement through the vicarious sacrifice of alleged literal son of God, Jesus Christ!

As you enjoy the beauty of the oldest and the largest island, Madagascar, in the company of the world famous narrator and BBC producer Sir David Attenborough, you could also bask in the thought that Sir Charles Darwin spent a life time to propose his theory, highlighting the common ancestry of all plants and animals, Attenborough spent a life time collecting beautiful video clips of different life forms, and I by the Grace of Allah, in a few lines can utilize their monumental work, as a grand victory of Islam over Christianity! How come?

The concept of Original Sin is completely incompatible with the fundamental laws of biology including the principles of gene inheritance and the facts supporting the theory of evolution, which is the reason why Christianity has fought the theory of evolution tooth and nail for more than a century now.  My article on the issue of Original Sin was first published in Summer 2008 volume of the Muslim Sunrise, the oldest Muslim publication of North America.

For a detailed answer see one of my popular Google knols, Biogeography: One of the best proofs for Darwin-Wallace theory of evolution.

Click here or on the picture of lemur to go to the video page of Muslim Times, to watch the featured documentary about Madagascar.

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Chameleon picture is courtesy of National Geographic: “Meller’s chameleons are also called “giant one-horned chameleons” because of their large size and the small horn protruding from the front of their snouts.”

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