Mississippi amendment on 'personhood' divides Christians

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Source / Courtesy: CNN

Columbus, Mississippi (CNN) — In the Carpenter home, every meal begins with a prayer. Robin and his wife, Emily, are devout Christians. But they part ways with many other Christians over a measure that would expand the legal definition of human life.

Their son, Luke, now 4 years old, was born through in vitro fertilization.

The anti-abortion amendment being voted on this week in the state could restrict in vitro procedures, and the Carpenters are worried that if they wait too long to add to their family, they may end up breaking the law.

“I don’t really want or need anybody else getting involved in trying to limit how that works for us, or stopping it,” said Robin Carpenter. “We need to have the same rights to have a family as anybody else does.”

The Carpenters fear that if Mississippi Amendment 26 passes on Tuesday, their whole future will change.

The controversial measure, known as “Personhood,” will ask Mississippians to amend the state constitution to define life as beginning at conception, which would eliminate abortion, including in the cases of women who are the victims of rape and incest. The law would also outlaw certain forms of birth control and the destruction of embryos in laboratories — which puts in vitro fertilization procedures in question because it results in unused fertilized eggs.

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