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Al Islam announces that it has jumped out of your internet browser!

Al Islam is now offering applications for a variety of different devices including native iPhone apps, native Android apps, and mobile web apps. For the iPhone app store, and the Android market, simply search “Ahmadiyya” to find all of the applications made by Al Islam. For web applications, navigate to the apps information page on Al Islam for instructions on how to use them.


  • Muslim Television Ahmadiyya

    Muslim Television Ahmadiyya

    View schedule of MTA one and MTA Al Arabia in your local time zone, share it with friends, watch a live stream and much more.

  • Ahmadiyya Islamic News

    Ahmadiyya Islamic News

    Get the latest news from updates, Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Press Releases, and Persecution of Ahmadis.

  • The Holy Quran - Arabic Text

    The Holy Quran – Arabic

    Easy to read hand written font in popular Yassarnal Quran style published by Islam International Publications. Complete Arabic text for every day reading.

  • Mobile Friday Sermons

    Mobile Friday Sermons

    View the summaries of the latest Friday Sermons right on your phone or iPad.

  • Ten Conditions

    The Ten Conditions of Bai’at

    The Ten Conditions of Bai’at, is a simple application that contains all ten conditions of bai’at, and some basic introductory information in a clean elegant style.


  • iPhone App
  • Android App
  • Mobile Web App
  • Desktop App

App Store

Simply search “Ahmadiyya

For further details go to:

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