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The one day seminar on Dr. Abdus Salam was successfully held on 15th of May at Taleemul Islam Ahmadiyya high school Asnoor, Kashmir, organized by Majlis khudammul Ahmadiyya.

It was no easy job to complete the whole arrangements of the seminar in so short time. But it was the grace of Almighty that the humble devotees of Majlis khudammul Ahmadiyya korel made it possible with their hard and sincere efforts, which they did, they were all volunteers working with zeal and enthusiasm. Credit also goes to zonal Majlis Amla, particularly zonal Qaid sahib Mr Tariq Ahmad Mir for his right support at right time. Special thanks goes to Mr Bilal Aslam sb of Germany and Mr Zakariya Virk sb of Canada with whose support the event would not have been successful. The khudam of Majlis khudammul Ahmadiyya Korel under the able guidance of Qaid sb Mr Mehraj Ahmad prepared lunch, tea and decorate the seminar venue beautifully and tastefully. Attractive coloured banners decorated the walls, screens for presentations, chairs and tables arranged for audience and speakers who were to address the seminar. May Allah amply reward all these devotees’ workers and bless them abundantly, Amen.

The seminar started at 10:35 am, presided by Prof Abdul Hamid sb Mir Amir Jammat Ahmadiyya Srinagar. The programme started with the recitation of holy Quran with translation by Bilal Ahmad Kumar.  These were the same verses that Dr Abdus Salam quoted at the Nobel award ceremony in 1979.

This was followed by keynote address by Molvi Nasir Ahmad Nadeem.he gave an insight view of Dr Salam’s life and achievements .soon after that was presented a poem by Neyaz Ahmad Butt.

Next speech was delivered by Mr Javaid Ahmad Naik judicial magistrate first class, he first read the message of Mr Zakariya virk, and later made a mention of on the endeavour of majlis khudammul Ahmadiyya and sincere service in the cause of humanity and excellent arrangements in organising programmes like seminars and other activities.

This was followed by the message of Prof Louise Salam, Dr Abdus Salam’s wife, read by Zonal Qaid sb .next message was read by Mr. Ishfaq Ahmad Naik that message was sent by Ahmad Salam on behalf of his family.

Prof Abdul Hamid Mir professor at Shere Kashmir University of agricultural sciences Srinagar Kashmir was the next speaker he delivered an enlightening speech on the life of Dr Abdus Salam, his achievements and his love on faith and science.

After his speech Dr Wasim Bari assistant prof at dept. Of physics, university of Kashmir .He spoke on the topic of Dr Salam as the world knows him. He discussed on many facets of Dr Salam sb and related several impressive incidents of Dr Salam.

After the speech one more message was read by Mr. Farooq Ahmad Lone.  The message was sent by Prof.  Michael Duff.  Prof Duff was the former student of Dr Salam and now holds the Prof. Salam chair as professor of mathematics and physics at imperial college London, where Abdus Salam spent his life as professor.

Soon after the message another message that was really heartfelt and and full of emotions was sent by Prof Amir Ali Hood boy, chair at dept. of physics, Qaid Azam university,

Islamabad Pakistan. Prof Hood boy was former student of Dr Salam and has contributed very much for his teacher through his writings. The message was read by Mr Bilal Ahmad Malik.

Prof Mahmood Ahmad Tak was the last speaker of the event he spoke on the topic of Dr Salam on faith and science the speech was listened by the audience with rapt attention.

Last message that was sent by Dr Gordon Fraser was also read. Dr Fraser is the writer of “Cosmic Anger “a biography on Dr Salam and besides that he was one of his students.

In his concluding address Prof Mir thanked the organisers for their endeavour and made a brief mention of his visit to Dr Salam international center of theoretical physics Italy (ICTP).

Zonal Qaid Mr Tariq Ahmad Mir presented the vote of thanks. He thanked all the volunteers who worked hard for long hours to make this event successful. He was all praise for more than a 200, participants, audience and guests. At the end Prof Mir sb led the audience in silent prayer.

After the seminar lunch was served to all the participants and guests.

At 3:30pm power point presentation presented by Mr. Ramiz Ahmad scholar at dept of physics university of Kashmir also Qaid Majlis Srinagar presented it before students in a very lucid style. He showed many works of Dr Salam and many works on Dr Salam sb.

A feedback book was on the seminar and some rare photographs of Dr salaam sb were exhibited parallel during the programme.

Lastly we hope that by coming together in this way and organising such events we can do justice to the memory of a truly great saint.

A picture of Dr. Salam with friends

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