Debate: Does Sharia Law negate Human Rights?

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This Debate occurred on 8th December 2011 and was co-hosted by One Law for All and UCL-ASHS.

Debate: Sharia Law Negates Human Rights. For the motion:
1) Maryam Namazie – Human rights campaigner, spokesperson One Law for All. 2) Anne-Marie Waters – Lawyer, spokesperson One Law for All.

Against the motion and defending Islam: 1) Ayazz Mahmood – UK Ahmadiyya Muslim University of Theology and Languages 2) Jonathan Butterworth – UCL Law Teaching Fellow and Co-ordinator of “Just Fair.”

Chief Editor’s comments:

I am thankful to all four debaters for taking out time to share their ideas with us, especially Jonathan Butterworth, whose presentation I liked the most. Here I intend to link two of my articles, the first one argues that Universal human rights come from Islam and teachings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad.

And the second one:

An invitation to other religions: demonstrating human rights and Universal Brotherhood from their scriptures.

We have scores of articles about Sharia Law and we have a tab for it under ‘Law and Religion’ menu.

Even though our blog is moderated, we are always open to a congenial, rational and reasonable dialogue.

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