Did Jesus Rise From The Dead: Prof. Bart Ehrman Vs William Lane Craig

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All of us have known cases of successful resuscitation, but, none of us has ever known resurrection or anyone rising from the dead.  So, rising from the dead is an extra-ordinary claim and extra-ordinary claims require extra-ordinary proofs and the Christian apologist provide very little, with the exception of a few stories, from 2000 years ago!  On the other hand there is reams of good evidence that Jesus did not die on the cross and did not have to rise from the dead, from decaying meat three days later.  Here I will link some of our articles in this regard:

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If God the Father raised Jesus from death, then it is fair to infer that He was not handicapped in His Omnipotence as Jesus lay dead for a couple of days.  Christian apologists have never told us if God the Father was handicapped in any manner, while a person in the Holy Trinity lay dead, awaiting revival.  In other words God the Father did not need Jesus for His divinity, He was self sufficient in Jesus’ absence.  Jesus is not God, the whole story of his divinity and resurrection is hocus pocus, to say the least!

Jesus, may peace be on him, according to the Catholic view, is perfect god and perfect man at the same time.  This creates a quagmire for the Christian view from which there is no escape.  The mystery of Jesus divinity would have been easier to explain if he was only perfect god.  Now, the perfect man part of the hybrid was born between 6 BC to 1 AD and did not exist before.  In other words this amalgam of perfect man and god did not exist before the common era and is not eternal.  In other words, Jesus had nothing to do with creation of our world and is not mentioned any where in Genesis.  In this information age it is becoming harder for educated Christians to believe in the fables of Christianity and therefore they are leaving in droves.

When king David beautifully extolled the glory of One God in one Psalm after another, he had no idea of who Jesus was.  So, either Christians have to say that David had only very poor understanding of what he is saying in the Old Testament and take the wrath of 15 million Jews, while at the same time declaring the Old Testament, which forms three fourth of the Bible, as deficient, or accept that Jesus is not god!  Case closed!

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