Islamic Law in Western Nations

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Source / Courtesy: Muslim Sunrise

By Azhar Ahmed Hussain: a Juris Doctor candidate at Hofstra University School of Law.

Prof John Makdisi has traced the Islamic Origins of the Common Law

Islamic law and western countries have a unique relationship that spans nearly 900 years, a relationship that, due to misconception and manufactured hysteria, is undergoing an era of tension.  Many of Islam’s most fervent opponents often point to perceived dangers of Islamic law creeping into the American legal system. News pundits, bloggers, and electoral candidates use the concept Islamic law as the epitome of anti-Americanism and indict it
as a threat to western culture.  Critics look to the Muslim Arbitration Tribunals in England as the start non-secular, Islamic law replacing Western legal systems.  Consequently, The Idea of Islamic law in the United States has
become so feared that eight states have proposed laws that will ban Islamic law entirely.  These efforts are ironic because the Islamic legal system was the inspiration for the Common Law system, a system that is effectuated in the
United States, United Kingdom, and her Commonwealth Nations.  Some of the verses of the Qur’an provide the background for many of the features found in the modern courtroom.

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