Islam and Science — Concordance or Conflict


By Professor Abdus Salam

Prof. Dr. Abdus Salam

Einstein once remarked, “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.” Human wisdom cannot flourish without proper understanding of both and their interaction, as so succinctly highlighted by Einstein. Dr. Abdus Salam quoted in his ‘Nobel speech’ from the verses of the Holy Quran at a time when it was a taboo to mention religion in scientific circles. He said, “The creation of Physics is the shared heritage of all mankind. East and West, North and South have equally participated in it. In the Holy Book of Islam, Allah says, ‘Thou seest not, in the creation of the All-merciful any imperfection, Return thy gaze, seest thou any fissure. Then Return thy gaze, again and again. Thy gaze, Comes back to thee dazzled, aweary.’” (Al Surah At-Tahrim 66:4-5)

Here we reproduce an article from Review of Religions for March of 1995.

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