Cardinal George Pell unable to defend Vicarious atonement or Original Sin

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Richard Dawkins vs Cardinal George Pell on Q&A (10-4-2012)

Prof. Richard Dawkins has one of his better moments, in the beginning, when he says that it is senseless to believe that God had to come to earth on a suicidal mission and again around 34 minutes mark into the debate, when he asks the question, if Adam and Eve did not exist, where did Original Sin come from? Both these questions Muslim theologians do not have to face, so, all else being equal, they can present a better case to the atheists or agnostics for a Creator God:

Around 44 minute mark the Cardinal has rough time defending Eucharist, another gigantic contradiction with science in Christianity that cannot be leveled against Islam. The Cardinal seems to have good command over the situation, in many spheres of knowledge and wit, but, when it comes to Vicarious atonement and Original Sin, he is completely mute and dumbfounded.

George Pell AC (born 8 June 1941) is an Australian cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church. He is the eighth and current Archbishop of Sydney, serving since 2001.[1] He previously served as auxiliary bishop (1987–96) and archbishop (1996–2001) of the Archdiocese of Melbourne.[2] He was created a cardinal in 2003.[3]

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