Zoroaster: A Witness against Pauline Dogma

· Agnosticism, Religion

By Dr. Amtul Qadoos Farhat

Trinity, the Original Sin and Atonement are the main elements of Pauline Dogma. Trinity means God is triune in nature with equal partnership of Jesus and the Holy Spirit in the Triune godhead. The Original Sin according to Pauline philosophy is inherited by every human being from the time of Adam and Eve when they ‘sinned’. Atonement is an automatic privilege available to followers of Jesus Christ thanks to the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ.

The teachings of Zoroaster stood for the unity of God and rejected the notion of the Original Sin and Atonement. He taught that all humans are born on the nature of God and therefore are without any inherited sin. He also believed that human beings are born with free will through which they shape their destiny. By making wise choices through good actions, good thoughts and good words (path of Asha) they can find everlasting happiness or else become victims of Satan (Angra Mainyu or Ahraman) and remain unhappy and miserable. The ultimate life and fate of human beings depend upon how they guide their free will and what sort of choices they make.

This article provides some of the links to support Zoroastrian teachings against the Pauline Doctrines.

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