Mother Mary wants all Christians to be Muslims!

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The Holy Quran gives a very honored status to Mother Mary. One of the chapters of the Quran is named after her and she is mentioned as a prime role model for all Muslims, both men and women. (66:12-13)

However, at the same time, through beautiful logic and reasoning, Allah uses her person to invite the Christians to the pure Monotheism of Islam. One of the simple arguments mentioned in Sura Anaam in the Quran is that Allah cannot have a literal son, as He does not have a spouse. (6:102)

Mother Mary: In an artist's imagination

Mother Mary: In an artist’s imagination

Yet another difficulty created by the person of Mother Mary for the Christian dogma is that if every human is condemned by Original Sin and Jesus is not, what about his mother,Mary? It was easy to promote any irrationality before the enlightenment, but it is no longer possible to deny the laws of inheritance after the scientific revolution. Bishop John Shelby Spong has evolved into an atheistic Christian, for a lack of a better term, he explains this issue beautifully:

The doctrine of the immaculate conception, for example, was declared to be undoubted truth in 1854 by Pope Pius IX. It was not, however, an infallible teaching so much as it was a political necessity. One needs to understand that this dogma, proclaiming that Mary was born without the stain of original sin, was created by the church only after scientists had discovered that women produce egg cells, which when fertilized form fifty percent of the genetic code of every person who has ever been born. This meant that women could no longer be viewed as unimportant passive re­ceptacles of a life that the male actually produced. Women now had to beseen as co-creators of life. The problem with that was that since the Catholic Church believed that all people passed on Adam’s original sin, then Mary, as the daughter of Adam, would have corrupted Jesus. To provide her with an immaculate and sinless conception took care of that. Theology always adjusts to reality. Unchanging or infallible it is not.[1]

Problems created by the Christian dogma are endless, only if Christians will fully wake up and examine their dogma and faith on rational grounds. Dr. Khaula Rehman has examined many additional issues created by the Christian dogma in the person of Mother Mary, in an article, Maria: Pope Benedict XVI on the Mother of God, first published in December, 2010 Alislam-eGazette and Google-knol. In short, if you are a Christian, Mother Mary wants you to consider becoming a Muslim!


1. John Shelby Spong. Eternal Life: A New Vision, Beyond Religion, Beyond Theism, Beyond Heaven and Hell. HarperOne, 2009. Page: 86.

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