Did Jesus Redeem Mankind?

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Hadhrat Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmood Ahmad (1889-1965)

A few words about the author

Mirza Basheer-ud-Din Mahmood Ahmad (Urdu: مرزا بشیر الدین محمود احمد) (January 12, 1889 – November 7, 1965), was Khalifatul Masih II, head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community and the eldest son of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad from his second wife, Nusrat Jehan Begum. He was elected as the second successor of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad on March 14, 1914 at the age of 25, the day after the death of his predecessor Hakeem Noor-ud-Din.

He is known for establishing the organizational structure of the community, improvement of the administration of the community, a ten volume commentary of the Qur’an and extensive missionary activity outside the subcontinent of India. He was a renowned orator and was also an active political figure especially in pre-partition India. Mahmood Ahmad is regarded by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community as the Musleh Maood (Promised Reformer) and the ‘Promised Son’ that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad foretold God would bestow upon him.

This booklet by him is an analytical examination of the Christian theories of original sin, of Messiah’s sonship of God, the crucifixion thesis and Doctrines of human redemption through vicarious atonement, in the light of Biblical works and the Biblical concept of the Divine image as reflected in the shape of man.

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