February 2012 eGazette – The Majesty that Islam was and soon will be!‏

· Muslim Heritage

Source: Alislam-eGazette

It is a volume about Muslim Heritage.  Heritage of Islam is not about some bragging rights.  It is not about some feel good emotion!  It is not about the past!  It is about rational defense of Islam and the Muslims, about their past, present and future.

Every so often discussion comes up in the political forums in Europe and North America about the clash of civilization, about integration of the Muslims in the West and their role in civic, political and intellectual life in the West and we need all this information about Muslim heritage, readily available to push back any unwarranted criticism.  Without further adoo here is the link to read several articles and other sources on this theme:

The Majesty that Islam was and soon will be!‏

Now I link some recent news items, where this information would be handy, in the dialogue between the West and the East, to create a genuine global village with basic rights and human dignity for all citizens:

 Pragmatic role of Muslim Heritage — German Interior Minister: ‘German Identity is Shaped by Christianity.’ But, is it True?

Some in France are opening Old Wounds: Creating unnecessary clash of civilizations!

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