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Arabic a revealed language and the mother of all languages

ABSTRACT OF COLLECTION OF THESE ARTICLES AND BOOKS Evidence that there is a mother of all the 6000 known human languages is beyond doubt and no one will question this any more. But, which language is the mother, is the billion dollar question? There is overwhelming evidence that languages change over time and they do […]

Muhammad: Seal of the Prophets

Montgomery Watt calls Muhammad, one of the Greatest sons of Adam. The expression, seal of the Prophets means the Greatest Prophet!

According to Karen Armstrong, “Mahound’s fictional status in the West has perhaps made it even more difficult for people to see him as an historical character who deserves the same serious treatment as Napoleon, or Alexander the Great. The fictional portrait of Mahound in The Satanic Verses resonates deeply with these established Western fantasies.”

At another place she writes, “If we could view Muhammad as we do any other important historical figure we would surely consider him to be one of the greatest geniuses the world has known.”

Every human should have genuine curiosity to know more about this man, the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad, may peace be upon him.

Muslim Americans Celebrate New Years in Times Square

Muslim Americans spread the message of peace in New York’s Times Square on New Years Eve. Source / Courtesy: CNN ireport Around one million people gathered in the Time Square last night to celebrate New Year eve. Among them were Muslims spreading the message of peace. Just like their previous campaigns where flyers were distributed […]

Khalifatul Masih V, International leader of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community recommending an Italian Author

Khalifatul Masih V, International leader of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community (Hudhur) quoted from a book by Prof. Laura Veccia Vaglieri, in a recent Friday sermon and highly applauded it.  The book is titled, An interpretation of Islam.  He said in this sermon among other things: An Italian professor, Laura Veccia Vaglieri writes that slavery has been around ever since human civilisation […]

Honey the Healer

By Manzurul A. Sikder, M.D. New York, USA This was originally published in JAMMA in 2007 Foreword by Zia H Shah: The Holy Quran urges us to reflect on the Laws of Nature.   It draws examples from cosmology, geology, biology and physics among other branches of science, as signs for all men of understanding.  For […]

The Constitution of Medina: the First written Constitution of the World

The constitution of Medina and not the Magna Carta was the first ever constitution describing a pluralistic society. In this Google Knol I will collect the description of the constitution from various biographers and introduce my understanding based on all these different sources. Mark Graham writes: Muhammad’s brilliance lay in politics as well as spirituality. […]

Alislam eGazette published its annual volume about Universal Brotherhood in Islam and Hajj

Friday Sermon about human compassion and International brotherhoodThis sermon was delivered on September 12, 2003 by Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih V. The subject of this sermon is humanitarian values in Islam. We will review a few excerpts and quotes from this sermon:After the initial recitation Huzur said that the Islamic teachings are so […]

The Holy Quran as the Miracle of the Holy Prophet

This is a short article to introduce the subject to fellow Christians. The Holy Quran says about them: And thou shalt assuredly find those who say, ‘We are Christians,’ to be the nearest of them in love to the believers. That is because amongst them are savants and monks and because they are not proud.  […]

The Prophet Muhammad and the Christian priests of Mount Sinai

The Holy Prophet Muhammad, may peace be on him, was the greatest pioneer of religious freedom and tolerance. When we say it, we literally mean it, for it would take history more than 1000 years to produce anything, remotely equal, in generosity and tolerance, to the covenant that he gave to the Christian monks of […]

Umar Farooq: constructed from non-Muslims sources

The square minaret of the Umar Mosque, with a dome of the Christian Quarter in the background, is an eloquent testimony of events showing early Muslim’s religious tolerance, from fourteen centuries ago: This picture very powerfully establishes Islamic belief in freedom of religion and puts to rest, the accusation, for all periods to come that […]

Umar Farooq: Who pioneered religious freedom for the whole of humanity!

The following is a slightly modified version of a short speech I gave in Vestal High School, New York to show that Islam is a religion of peace and that revelation has contributed in a big way to human knowledge and history. When the Holy Prophet Muhammad claimed Monotheism in the polytheistic society of Mecca […]

Islam: the best way to spiritual progress

A Punjabi poet highlights the importance of spirituality in these words: پڑھ پڑھ  کتاباں علم دیاں توں نام رکھ لیا قا‍‍‌‌‍‍‍‍ضی ہتھ وچ پھڑ کے تلوار توں نام رکھ لیا غاذی مکہ مدینہ گهوم آیا تے نام رکھ لیا حاجی  بلهے شاہ کی حاصل کیتا جےیار نہ کیتا راضی

The Muslim Times featuring a BBC Documentary: The Life of Muhammad

A wonderful three hour documentary! It’s a television first, claims the BBC Press Office. OK they would say that wouldn’t they but I think it might be the first time in decades – if not ever – that a British network has screened a programme, let alone a series, about Muhammad. According to the blurb […]