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Saving yourself from HIV infection

Human sexual desire may be insatiable, the more we indulge in it the stronger it grows, until it destroys us in one form or the other. Unbridled attempts at quenching the sexual thirst is like putting out a fire with gasoline, it only burns with stronger flames! We should judge any set of teachings, be […]

Psychiatric Drug Use on the Rise and Your Choices: How about a True Religion and Code of Ethics? A famous, almost legendary mystic poet from Punjab Pakistan, Bullah Shah wrote: پڑھ پڑھ علم تے فاضل ھوییں تے کدے اپنے آپ نوں پڑھیا نھیں  بھج بھج وڑناں اے مندر مسیتی  تے کدے من اپنے وچ وڑیا نھیں … He says that you have read scores of books to become a scholar but have never […]