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Muslim Sunrise Exploring Neighborly Relations in Our Global Village

Source: The Muslim Sunrise; which is the very first Muslim publication of North America, since 1920s Editorial by Mubasher Ahmad, Editor in Chief Loving your Neighbor’ is a central virtue common among all faith traditions of the world. But the question: ‘Who is my neighbor?’ has many diverse answers. Usually a neighbor is seen as the one […]

Evolution of Empathy

Source: Muslim Sunrise, Fall 2016 volume Written and collected by Zia H Shah MD, Chief Editor of the Muslim Times A Colorado woman managed to fight off a mountain lion that was attacking her 5-year-old son. During the harrowing rescue in June of 2016, she “reached into the animal’s mouth and wrestled her son’s head from […]

Jewish Perspective on the Rights of Neighbors

Source: Muslim Sunrise, Fall 2016 volume Written and collected by Zia H Shah MD, Chief Editor of the Muslim Times The planet earth with its circumference of 25,000 miles with a population of 7.4 billion has shrunk into a global village and we are in ever greater need for mutual respect and compassion. In the world […]

Greece: Ahmadiyya Muslim Community holds its 3rd “Dinner with Friends” event in Athens

Report by Atta-Ul Naseer, Imam & National President, Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Greece Tel: +30 2112140522 | Fax: +30 2112140522 | Mobile: +30 6940142377 3rd Dinner with Friends Friday 30th October 2015 Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Greece held its 3rd Dinner with Friends on 30th October 2015 in Athens, Greece. The aim and purpose of this event was […]

We Cannot Leave Anti-Muslim Hate Unchecked

Epigraph: Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy. Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God. Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God. (Matthew 5:7-9) The Huffington Post: By Anu Joshi; Activist, blogger, waylaid Californian This Friday and Saturday, a group of loosely connected protesters […]

Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet awarded Nobel Peace Prize, for Pluralism & Secularism

By Don Melvin, CNN Updated 5:39 AM ET, Fri October 9, 2015 | Video Source: CNN (CNN) The Nobel Peace Prize Committee confounded all expectations Friday — bypassing global figures such as Pope Francis and German Chancellor Angela Merkel — and handed the award to the National Dialogue Quartet for its “decisive contribution to the building […]

Holy Quran and Science Conference in Toronto on September 26

Conference Program  Session-1 Time Topic Presenter 10:00 am Recitation from the Holy Qur’an Sheikh Abdul Hadi, National Secretary Ta’lim ul Quran and Waqf-e-A`rdi Translation English Munawar Ahmed 10:15 am Introductory Remarks Lal Khan Malik, President, Ahmadiyya  Muslim Jama`at Canada Silent Prayer Lal Khan Malik, President, Ahmadiyya  Muslim Jama`at  Canada 10:30 am Marine Biology and the Holy […]

Video: Erdogan, Abbas and Putin together inaugurate a mosque in Moscow

Courtesy: Abida Rehman, UK, the Muslim Times’ Editor for Women Rights Source: Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas are in Russia for the opening of the new Moscow Cathedral Mosque. Russian President Vladimir Putin, Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov, and U.S. Ambassador to Russia John Tefft are […]

Clinton: Can a Muslim be President? Yes

Originally posted by Dr. Amtul Qadoos Farhat Source: Arutz Sheva Hillary Clinton takes to Twitter to criticize Republican candidate Ben Carson over comments on a Muslim becoming president. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Monday took to Twitter to criticize Republican candidate Dr. Ben Carson for saying he would not support a Muslim becoming president. […]

BBC Video: Mosques should have message of harmony and peace

Source BBC The leader of the Muslim Ahmadiyya community has called for the authorities in the UK to monitor what happens in mosques and madrassas or Islamic religious schools, to help counter radicalisation. Ahmadiyya Muslims number many million across the world, and are a movement that started in India more than 100 years ago. However, […]

Two Hundred Verses about Compassionate Living in the Quran

Written and collected by Zia H Shah MD, Chief Editor of the Muslim Times As only the Islamophobes, who hate Islam or those Muslims, who want to enforce Shariah Law, of their imagination, by hook or crook, make headlines, the compassionate teachings of the Holy Quran are lost to the ordinary, non-Muslim observer. The Holy […]

By 2050, India to have world’s largest populations of Hindus and Muslims

Source: PEW Research Center By Conrad Hackett; who is a demographer focusing on religion at Pew Research Center. In the coming decades, India will have the distinction of having the largest populations of two of the three largest religions in the world – Islam and Hinduism – according to new religious projections data from Pew […]

The anesthesia of familiarity: There should be a Creator of Our Universe

Epigraph Allah is He Who raised up the heavens without any pillars that you can see. Then He settled Himself on the Throne. And He pressed the sun and the moon into service: each pursues its course until an appointed term. He regulates it all. He clearly explains the Signs, that you may have a […]

Stories of the past Major prophets from Bible & Qur’an – Part 4

The Truth Message – Part – 2.5: Stories of the past Major prophets from Bible & Qur’an – Part 4  Bible: Prophet Moses (pbuh) / Qur’an-e-Majeed: Hadrath Musa (as) Book: Taurat / Torah [the first 5 books (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy) of the Hebrew Bible] Religion: Judaism Area: Egypt Timeline: 3400 years ago approximately Moses […]

Stories of the past Major prophets from Bible & Qur’an – Part 3

The Truth Message – Part – 2.4: Stories of the past Major prophets from Bible & Qur’an – Part 3 Prophet Lot (as) The people of Prophet Lot (as) who lived in Sodom are described notoriously for their sins, especially, homosexuality, in both the Holy Bible and the Holy Qur’an. The incidents related to the […]

Stories of the past: Major prophets from Bible & Qur’an – Part 2

Name of the Prophet: Ibrahim (as) / Abraham (pbuh) Book: Suhuf-e-Ibraheem / Scrolls of Abraham Religious Philosophy: Worship the one & only God Place: Ur, the present Al-Muqayyar (or Mughair), Iraq Timeline: 4000 years ago approximately Judaism, Christianity and Islam hold Abraham (pbuh) in great reverence. We believe the inter-relationship between these three major religious […]

Stories of the past: Major prophets from Bible & Qur’an – part 1

Stories of the past: Major prophets from Bible & Qur’an   Name of the Prophet: Adam (pbuh) Timeline: About 6,000 years ago Area: Most probably the present day Iraq. Religious philosophy: Worship the one God Do Remember: This Adam (peace be upon him), the progenitor of the present human race, is only the first link […]

Relation between God, His Messengers & Man ~OR~ The Creator & His creation

Relation between God, His Messengers & Man ~OR~ The Creator & His creation: God says: [17:71] Indeed, We have honoured the children of Adam, and carried them by land and sea, and given them of good things and exalted them far above many of those whom We have created.  Now, we KNOW bits about God. […]

Who/What/Where is God?

Tell me: Do you know who God is? Or what should a God be like?  Who is God?  God is He beside Whom there is none worthy of worship – The Ever-Living, The Self-Subsisting and The All-Sustaining. (Ch.3:Vs.3) God–His Names EL of the Canaanites ELOHIM or YAHWEH (JEHOVAH) of the Hebrews ELAH in the Aramaic […]

Death of Jesus (Wafat-e-Maseeh) Proved from Quran-e-Majeed

The Truth Message – Part 7 – Death of Jesus (Wafat-e-Maseeh) Proved from Quran-e-Majeed Coming back to discuss Jesus (pbuh) again. Now this one prophet happens to be the central object of the prophetic sphere which categorizes almost three-quarters of world population into believers or disbelievers and hence into different religions. …those who disbelieved in […]

The Story of Prophet Jesus, the Messiah, the Good Shepherd – Peace be upon him

Isa Ibn Maryam – Jesus, Son of Mary Book: Bible / Injeel Religion: Christianity Timeline: 2000 years ago approximately — To begin with, Grand-mother of Jesus (pbuh) forms an integral part of his life so we commence his life by a brief mention of his GrandMother. Hanna, the Grandmother of Jesus (pbuh), loved pious life […]

The Corrupted Concepts of current Christianity – detailed

The Truth Message – Part – 6: The Corrupted Concepts of current Christianity – detailed ‘Strange times are these in which we live; when old and young are taught falsehoods in school. And the person that dares to tell the truth is called at once a lunatic and fool.’ Plato had said this in 427 […]

Is Jesus God? Or third of the three (in trinity)? Or just a blessed Prophet?

The Truth Message – Part 5 – Is Jesus the Son of God? Or third of the three? Or a Prophet?  There are groups who very wrongly believe that Jesus was the ‘Son of God’! The Unity of God has been repeatedly proclaimed in the Bible (and many other religious scriptures too). Prophet after prophet was raised […]