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November 2011 Alislam-eGazette: Universal Brotherhood in Islam and Hajj

Friday Sermon about human compassion and International brotherhood This sermon was delivered on September 12, 2003 by Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih V. The subject of this sermon is humanitarian values in Islam. We will review a few excerpts and quotes from this sermon: After the initial recitation Huzur said that the Islamic teachings […]

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Islam!

This article by Zia H Shah MD was originally published in Winter, 2009 volume of the Muslim Sunrise This examines the philosophical and historical basis of human rights. With the election of a son of a Kenyan man to the highest office in USA we see gradual perfection of the vision expressed in the words, […]

November 2009 Alislam-eGazette: Hajj and Universal Brotherhood

Brotherhood Hajj or the Muslim Pilgrimage “Surely, the first House founded for mankind is that at Becca (Mecca), abounding in blessings and a guidance for all peoples.” (Al Surah Ale-Imran 3:97) Hajj is a form of worship and is an Islamic institution to establish Universal Brotherhood under one God. The book Islam: Its Meaning for […]