What can a Christian or an agnostic gain in Islam?



1. A Living God. 2. Peace of Mind. 3. Unification of one’s science and theology. 4. Restoration of family values and much more.

By Zia H Shah MD

A true seeker, whether a Christian, an agnostic or an atheist or coming from whatever background can gain the following and much more by coming to the true understanding of Islam, as presented by Ahmadiyya Muslim Community:

1. A Living God.

2. Peace of Mind.

3. Unification of one’s science and theology.

4. Restoration of family values.

5. Greater likelihood of recovery from addictions.

6. Harmonization of ones ‘Reason’ and ‘Faith.’

7. Many new insights.

I am going to provide some evidence in this article over time but mainly link materials under different topics in the comment section.

The Messiah, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani, the Founder of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, wrote about God, as he contrasted Islam and Christianity:

“The God of a true religion should be so much in accord with reason and the light of nature that His existence should be a matter of proof for people who possess reason but who have no heavenly book in which they believe. He should be such as does not savor of coercion or artificiality. Such perfection is characteristic of the God Who is presented by the Holy Qur’an. The followers of other religions have either abandoned the True God, as have the Christians, or have attributed improper and low attributes to Him, as have the Jews, or have deprived Him of His attributes, as have the pagans and the Aryas. The God of Islam is the same True God Who is seen through the mirror of the law of nature and is visible in the book of nature. Islam has not presented a new God but has presented the same God Who is presented by the light of man’s heart and by man’s conscience and by heavens and earth. Another quality of a true religion is that it should not be a dead creed. The blessings and greatnesses which were cultivated in it in the beginning should persist in it till the end of the world for the promotion of the welfare of mankind, so that ever fresh signs should confirm its past signs and should not permit the light of its truth to become an old tale. I have been writing over a long period that the Prophethood which was claimed by our lord and master Muhammad, the chosen one [peace and blessings of Allah be on him] and the heavenly proofs in the form of signs which he had set forth, still continue in Islam and are bestowed upon his followers so that they should arrive at the state of complete understanding and should witness the Living God directly. The signs which are attributed to Jesus are mere stories, and are nowhere to be seen, and therefore this religion, which teaches the worship of the dead, is itself dead like its god. A verity cannot be confined to old tales. Every people have a store of tales setting forth alleged miracles and wonders. It is a characteristic only of Islam that it does not present merely the defective and imperfect comfort of tales and stories, but satisfies the seekers with living signs. A seeker after truth should not be satisfied with senseless worship of the dead and should not be put off with sorry tales. We have come into the market of the world to purchase the best. We should not waste our faith by exchanging it with false things. A living faith is that through which we can find the Living God. The Living God is He Who can inspire us directly, or could at least bring us in contact with one who is directly inspired. I convey this good news to the whole world that the God of Islam is such a Living God. Those with whom no one can now speak are dead and are not God. No one can see their signs today. He whose god is dead would be put to shame in every field and would be humiliated and would not be helped in any way. My purpose in making this announcement is that a religion which is true does not change. As it was in the beginning, so it would be at the end. A true religion would never become a dry tale. Islam is a true religion and I call everyone—Christians, Aryas, Jews and Brahmus—to show them the truth of Islam. Is there anyone of them who seeks the Living God? We do not worship the dead. Our God is Living. He helps us through His inspiration and revelation and through heavenly signs. If there is a single Christian who is truly a seeker after truth, let him make a comparison between our Living God and his dead god. For such a trial, a period of forty days would suffice.”

[Majmu‘a Ishtiharat, Vol. 2, pp. 310-312] http://www.alislam.org/books/Essence-1.pdf

The featured picture is courtesy of: http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/peace-mind/200910/cultivating-peace-mind-0


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  1. ziahshah

    Peace of Mind

    If one is able to find relationship with All Powerful, Living God, Who not only acted in history of mankind 2000 years ago, but continues to hear our prayers, then a genuine faith should certainly soothe one’s heart and mind. I am linking a booklet, which broadly covers the issue, but more specific information will follow:


    A collection of articles about Islam and Psychology:


  2. ziahshah

    Unification of one’s science and theology

    The Messiah, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani’s quotation below, serves as a good starting point, to harmonize religion and science:

    “The God of Islam is the same God who is visible in the mirror of the law of nature and is discernible in the book of nature. Islam has not presented a new God but has presented the same God Who is presented by the light of man’s heart, by the conscience of man, and by heaven and earth.” (Tableegh-e-Risalat, Vol. VI, p. 15).

    Christian apologists’ journey of ‘reason,’ goes so far and as soon as they hit a bump in the road, they hibernate into a world of ‘faith!’ However, Christian scholars before the Enlightenment always insisted on ‘reason.’ In the last few centuries of Christian history the relationship between faith and reason has been murky to say the least. Nevertheless, we see some positive development in recent years. There has been a recent popular movement in America called Intelligent Design, regardless of the merits or limitations of this Movement, one can at least take it as a Christian commitment to reason, logic and science.
    Science is systematic human observation. To try to bend it, to have suitable metaphysics and theology is putting the cart before the horse. A true theology should be in line with science, Pope John Paul II, expressed this in words, ‘Truth cannot contradict Truth!’

    But, if you have read Joseph Priestly, who discovered oxygen and Andrew Dickson White, the founding President of the Cornell University then you would realize that you need to explore this issue further, with greater insight and precision.

    First read one of my articles about Original Sin.

    Examining evidence for common lineage of all life forms on our planet earth.

    To see my collection of articles about Religion & Science and Metaphysics.

  3. ziahshah

    Harmonization of ones ‘Reason’ and ‘Faith.’

    Christian missionaries use logic and reason, only for bait and switch, because their real emphasis is on ‘faith’ only and their biggest tools are not rational dialogue and debate but propaganda and advertisement. If you do not believe me, hear from one of the leading Christian apologists of his time, Søren Aabye Kierkegaard
    He confessed, the quagmire between Christianity and rationality, in no uncertain terms:

    It is not the business of any Christian writer or preacher to dilute Christianity to suit the general educated public. The doctrine of the incarnation was to the Jews a stumbling block and to the Greeks foolishness, and so will it always be, for the doctrine not only transcends reason; it the paradox par excellence; and it can be affirmed only by faith, with passionate inwardness and interest. The substitution of reason for faith means the death of Christianity.

    Read further:

  4. Dave Lister

    One superstition for another. No thank you.

  5. Tanweer Ahmad Bani

    Zia Shah saheb , assalam o alaikum .

    I would highly appreciate your answers to the following question which a Christian has posted after reading your article.

    Sir, Jesus has promised that every person who believes in him, repents from sin and turns to God will be promised eternal life.

    Can the Quran or Muhammad promise any believer eternal life?

    Does Muhammad know if he is in heaven?

    Does every mohammedan know that he will be in heaven?

    Do you even know what eternal life means?

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